Thursday, February 28, 2013

Training Journal 2/18-2/24

Monday, February 18- Sunday, February 24, 2013: Got a cold this week and found myself struggling with tired legs (and lungs) many of the days.  It all culminated in finally taking a day off the next week despite my feeling that I didn't need a day off because my mileage is still not very high, uhhhh I did reach 80 miles this week, which is on the low end of "high" for me. When it comes down to it though, your body dictates the day (s) off and it's really better not to over think it, a common problem of mine.  Stupid brain!
All bundled up for a ride on the road.
Monday: 36 mile bike ride Chuckanut drive, Galbraith. this ride killed me. Oh, yeah--I haven't biked since before HURT I've been traveling so much...
Tuesday: 17 miles total. 10 miles on the Deception Pass 25k course with 1,300 ft/climbing in the AM. 7 miles in the afternoon, easy Sehome road/urban trail loop with 500 ft/climbing
Wednesday: 8 miles: 2 repeats of Pine and Cedar, 3,200 ft/climb 2hr.
Thursday: 7 miles with 650 ft/ft climbing 1:05hr. with BTRC- Urban Trail Run
Friday: 14 miles, 1600 ft/climbing.  Sehome to Interurban to Hemlock. Low energy.
Saturday: 10 miles, interurban, boulevard, Sehome loop. 900 ft/climb. Felt very low energy.  Feeling a cold, but not sure if that's why?
Sunday: 24 miles of hill repeats. Pine and Cedar repeats: 6 reps, 2 mile climb at 1.600 ft/per climb for a total of 9,600 ft/gain.

Running miles: 80 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 17,750 ft/climb
Biking Miles: 36 miles with 2,500 ft/gain
Cross training: 4 days of plank and one legged squats. 

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