Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Training Journal 1/7-1/13

Monday, January 7- Sunday, January 13, 2013: This week I traveled to Oahu!  As always, I fell in love with the warmth and humidity. I wouldn't mind it being even hotter and sunnier, but I did come during their "winter" after all.  This week was designed to get my body prepared for the temperature difference from Bellingham (chilly 30s to 50s with rain) to Honolulu (warm/humid high 60s or 70s-80s).  It was also to enjoy a little "pre-H.U.R.T. 100 mile" time in paradise.  I struggled with pain in my big toe/ball of my foot all week.  But it wasn't getting any worse.  Probably worse than the toe/foot this week was a little cold that became very phlemmy/coughy (not really a word, but you get the point) all week making me feel like I was running at altitude.  Most of my runs were slow because of this and the toe pain.
Pausing while running on the Kealia Trail, North Shore.
Monday: Rest day & travel day. Arrived on Oahu, but between the flight, late car rental, and driving up tot he North Shore, night came quickly.
Tuesday: 13 miles. 2 runs.  9 miles on the Kealia trail, 3200 ft climbing, 2.5 hrs/easy, still feeling a cold/have a cough. 4 mile in evening on flat bike path, 32 mins. 
Wednesday: 8 mile run on the Kealia Trail. 2hr, 1700 feet. Took it really easy, still feeling a cold in my lungs, coughing.
Thursday: 7.5 miles on the HURT100 mile course. 2000 ft of climbing, 2 hrs, easy, again still feeling the cold, but it is almost better.  
Friday: 6.5 miles on South of Laie. 1700 ft. climbing, 1hr. 30. Cold almost entirely better, feeling strong today!
Saturday: 15 mile run, 4,500 feet of climbing. 4hrs. Easy pace.  Very hilly. Kealia trail loop.
Sunday: 4 very easy on the beach. 500 feet of climbing. 45 min.

Running Miles: 54
Running Elevation Gain: 13,600 feet
Total Time Running:  13hr. 15 min.
Cross training: Mostly plank exercises.  45 min. Practiced 3 types of plank every day: face down & sideways.

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