Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Training Journal 12/31-1/6

Monday December 31, 2012-Sunday, January 6, 2013: I ran and won a marathon on Monday (even though I was supposed to do 50 mile pace, I went just a tad faster) then biked the rest of the week to rest my feet.  I was able to get  a lot of biking in during the week, reaching a total of 11 hours of biking, all but 2.3hrs of it inside on my road bike with the trainer. I would've been outside, but it has been cold and rainy.  I was also able to get a good deal of CYS (Core/yoga/strength) during the week.  Right now, I am writing from Oahu where I will be doing some running in preparation for the HURT 100 mile race on the 19-20th.  I also ended the week with a cold, which now that I am in Hawaii, will hopefully go away!
Getting ready to bike the Chuckanut-Samish Loop
Monday: Last Chance Marthon 26.2  mile, came in 2nd overall, 1st place woman. Mostly flat-ish trail, with some short hills (1,700 feet of climbing for 26.2). 3:35hr
Tuesday: 1 hour bike ride (indoors), 30 minute crosstraining core/kettlebell
Wednesday: 1 hr indoor bike plus kettlebell work
Thursday: Two 1hr sessions on bike
Friday: three 1hr sessions on bike + 1 hr kettle bell, core, strength stuff.
Saturday: Two 45 minute biking sessions 30 min core/leg work
Sunday: 2hr 20 minute 33 mile bike ride with 2,000 feet climbing. Chuckanut Drive/Lake Samish Loop.Today I definitely can tell I have a cold.

Running Miles: 26 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 1,700 feet
Biking Hours: 11 hours (this brings a smile to my face!)
Other Crosstraining: CYS, 3 hours


  1. Hey Candice, congrats on the marathon and good luck at HURT! Curious about all the biking...simply cross training or thinking of getting into triathlons? Best...

  2. Congratulations on the first place marathon! You're amazing. Good luck with the HURT 100. :)


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