Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Training Journal 12/10-12/16

Monday, December 10-Sunday, December 16, 2012: Week of trying to deny some post TNF injuries and over training issues.  AS I write this post I have decided to take part of the week off running completely to let my feet recover from the past month.  This is because I didn't take the time off when I should have back in early November when I first noticed foot pain!  Lesson learned, I hope.  Here is the TJ for this week without further ado.
Does Runway walking count as a workout?!
Monday: 24 miles of the Deception Pass 50k course, 4,000 feet of climbing in 4.5hrs.  Moderate pace.  No food taken, 16 oz water.
Tuesday: 6 mile fartlek on Interurban.  1 min fast running per mile.  1hr, 600 feet climbing.
Wednesday: 7 miles easy with James (Sehome-Inteurban Trail) Feeeling very tired metally, legs ok. Want to nap while running.  WT-heck? 600 feet climbing.
Thursday: 10 mile Farlek on Orcas Island.  Moutain Lake and Twin Lakes double loops.  Tired feeling in brain, but not in legs.  1,000 feet climbing. 2hr.
Friday: 25k course at Orcas.  15 miles, 4,100 feet climbing. 3.5 hours.  Easy pace.  Leg (clot leg) hurt, but only moderately.
Saturday: 12 mile progression speed run. Legs felt fine but had that same fatigued and sleepy feeling even with enough sleep?? 800 feet climbing. 1.75hr
Sunday: Day off. Too much too do to run and feet were painful.  More on this later...

Running Miles: 74 miles, 119km
Running elevation gain: 11,000 feet, 3353 meters
Cross training: does walking the runway Friday night, making gingerbread cookies Sunday and doing a shit load of dishes count?!

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