Sunday, October 21, 2012

Training Journal 10/15-10/21

Monday, October 15, 2012- Sunday, October 21, 2012: Back on track and feeling really strong in my running.  I was just under 90 miles of running for the week which is very satisfying. Early in the week I overdid it by going out dancing for my "easy" cross training day.  Bad. Really bad idea.  The dancing was not mild or short lived.  Maybe 3 or 4 hours of intense, uh, athletic dancing.  It was really fun, but not so fun to try to run 31 miles (my long run day) the very next day.  Actually it was almost impossible to just squat down.  My quads finally, as of today (Sunday), feel mostly normal.  Other than that I got some really good faster running in this week and looked like a sissy trying to tip toe down the hills (ouch my quads, ouch, ouch).
I got new road shoes this week.  Saucony Pro Grid. I'm in love! I wore them all week, trail road, everything.  And I played with my blue wig that matches very nicely with my blue nail polish.  Just wait till you see the Halloween costume that goes with it all, oh boy!  You have to come to my Halloween party to see it though...
Monday: 3, or was it 4? hours of dancing.
Tuesday: 31 miles, Chuckanut Mt. 4,500 feet of climbing.  6.5 hours
Wednesday: 6.5 miles easy pace, 200 feet climbing.  1 hour. I really could barely squat today after the dancing and 31 mile run.  Poor body.
Thursday: 14.5 miles total. 2 runs.  Easy 6.5 miles in morning (1,300 feet climbing 1 hour). 8 mile fartlek with 1 min hard running per mile in PM (900 feet of climbing, 1hr10)
Friday: Progression Speed run, 10 miles, 1hr 20 min. 850 feet of climbing.
Saturday: Two run day.  Total of 11 miles.  7 mile easy recovery run in AM with 1200 feet of climbing, 1hr 10min.  4 mile speed walking on 12% grade treamill PM, coverts to 2,500 feet of climbing, 1 hour.
Sunday: Two run day.  9 mile repeats session on treadmill in morning, 1hr 20.  6 miles moderate pace (55 min) in evening= 15 miles total.  No real elevation gain.

Running miles: 88 miles
Running elevation gain:  8,050
Biking: none
Cross training: 3.5 hours of dancing
Total Time exercising: 19 hours

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