Friday, October 19, 2012

Drink it!

I'm doing some juicing today!  Makes a tasty post run meal/recovery drink. Today I combined beets, carrots, celery, spinach, apples, and lemons.  My juicing advice would be to try not to include too many high sugar ingredients (apples for instance), be creative and use celery, kale, spinach, ginger, lemons, etc.  What are your favorite juice combinations?  Tell me in the comment section!


  1. I juice mainly carrots and beets. Sometimes apples and ginger. Right now I'm juicing pears off a neighbors tree! Sometimes spinach juice to add to smoothies. I love juice!

  2. carrots, pears, cilantro, and cucumbers! haven't tried beets yet but i think i will soon. just got a juicer and am loving it so far. awesome blog btw!


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