Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Training Journal 10/1-10/7

Monday, October 1- Sunday, October 7:  This week was big I decided to take on a running coach.  I have been considering the idea for a while, and the timing felt perfect.  So I did it.  I had my first phone conversation with my coach, Ian Sharman, and we set up a 2-week training plan.  In 2 weeks we will set another 2 weeks...and on.  My focus is on increasing my speed and preparing for my next 100 miler: HURT 100.  So far, I really love the intention that is going into each and every workout.  I couldn't be more pleased with how training is going.  We started the week with lower mileage (~70) and will begin to pick it up to 90-100 mile weeks as I get used to some of the new quality workouts.
Monday: Track workout.  200-400-800 ladder + warm up cool down. 10 miles.  500 feet climbing.
Tuesday: 5 miles Sehome. 800 feet of climbing, easy.
Wednesday: first day of coaching! 9 mile run, fast on hills. 1700 ft. gain.
Thursday: 10 mile easy (course marking Mt. Spokane), 2,500 feet gain
Friday: 10 mile tempo on flat-ish trails.  Good, hard effort!  At Riverside Park, Spokane. 600 feet climbing
Saturday: Easy 7 miles, 1,500 feet climbing
Sunday: 17 miles.  John Wayne trail. 400 feet climbing. 2.5 hrs. Pretty flat.

Running Miles: 68 miles
Elevation gain: 8,000 feet
Biking: none

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