Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another week in Paradise: TRT Tour

I have been scheming a run of the full 165 miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail for a while now.  In many ways Tahoe is home for me.  Although I have never lived here for more than 3 months, it feels like home.  Next summer will likely be when I have a go at the entire rim trail.  I'd like to preview the whole TRT before undertaking it.  I know most of the north and east side.  I have also run 20 miles on the west side.

This week James and I are guiding a tour of the north and east rim, 90 miles of it.  We also guided the tour last year.  It entails getting to Tahoe, shopping for 6 peoples food for 5 days, taking care of transportation, aid stations for the runners whenever possible, one of us running with them, making them breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and basically being on call 24 hours a day.  No piece of cake that's for sure, but a great opportunity to see my favorite trails again!
Our group, day 1: Tahoe City to Brockway 19.5 miles.  James ran with the group to our lunch spot at Watson Lake and I ran from Watson to Brockway with them.  This is one very talented group of runners, all of them being marathoners who can run on the trails.   
James makes eggplant and toasted almond with chicken enchiladas day 1.  He is quite the cook.  It was amazing.  Day 2: I made Teriyaki Chicken, jasmine rice, and vegetables.  For dessert I made carrot cake. 
Day 2: Running at 10,700 feet
Day 3: I ran with the group from Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Lake, a 24.5 mile run with 3,500 feet of gain.  We took our time and enjoyed all the viewpoints, including a 1.5 mile lollipop with incredible panoramic views Lake Tahoe from above Sand Harbor. 
Using my new pack, the Salomon S-Lab 12.  I have been trying out packs for the past month trying to find the *perfect* one for the Plain 100.  This one is as close to perfection as I could find.  I need water bottle holders in the front so that I can quickly and easily fill water in streams.  A bladder will not do.  I will use the bladder for the long sections that do not have water for more than a few hours, but it is too cumbersome and slow for most of the the race. 
The best viewpoint, looking down at Sand Harbor
Steve runs down from Snow Valley Peak
Hilary levitates on mile 19 coming down from Snow Valley Peak.

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