Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Training Journal 7/2-7/8

Climbing up to Grouse/American Pass on my way up Handies, in the rain
Monday 7/2- Sunday 7/8: Acclimating to 9,000-13,000ft and building still
Monday: 17.5 mile run, Maggie to Cataract Lake and back to Maggie. 3,600 feet gain
Tuesday: 11 mile total, up Kendall Mt.  and back.  3hr, 3,600 feet gain
Wednesday: 14.5 mile from Silverton to top of ridge above KT.  4,000 gain
Thursday: 9 miles up Grant's Swamp Pass and back, 3,000 gain
Friday: 7 mile bike up Red Mt. Pass with 1200 gain. Trail work, 5 miles w/2,000ft. 5 mile run up from Ouray to Bear Creek. 1,126 gain
Saturday: 4hr. 14 miles up bear Creek to Engineer pass and back.  5,711 feet of gain. 
Sunday: Up most of the way to Handies Peak (13,500).  9 miles easy pace. 3 hr. 4031 gain.
Totals: 85 running miles, 27,068 feet of ascent, 7 miles biking, 1,200 feet biking climbing. 

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