Sunday, July 1, 2012

Training Journal 6/18-7/1

Biking from Silverton is either up or down.  A pic from the top of Red Mt. Pass around 11,000 feet
Mon 6/18-sun 6/24: coming back from calf injury (strain?).  Target 50-70 miles
Monday: 14 mile recovery bike ride in Bham
Tuesday: 3 reps Pine and Cedar trail: 12 miles with 4,800 feet of elevation gain
Wed: 5 miles at Japanese Gulch trail, Mukilteo 1,100 feet of gain
Thur: 6 miles in Boise, ID 90F plus.  HOT! 1,300 foot gain
Fri: 7 mile out and back on San Juan Solstice course 2,278 feet gain
Sat: 19.5 mi on San Juan Solstice course, 5hr, 4729 feet of gain
Sun: 15.6 mi by Lakwe City (loop in mtns) 5hr (easy/slow)3864 feet of gain.
Totals: 64.6 mi running; 18,071 feet of climbing; 24 miles of biking

Mon 6/25-Sun 7/1: Training on Target!  Week at Altitude, feeling good by end. Still in building up phase.
Mon: 10 mile run on Alpine Loop road outside of Lake City8-11 min pace, 1,000 feet gain.  20 mile bike ride. Altitude still feeling difficult
Tue: 6.6 mile run at 11,000 feet.  Felt tired and slow.  1,000 feet gain
Wed: 17 mile run aroudn Engineer Mountain near Durango/Silverton. 4hrs, 3,500 feet of gain. 13 mile bike, half of which was up the pass, tough!  1,000 feet climbing on bike.
Thurs: Run up Gulch from Cunningham, 5 miles, 1,500 feet of gain.  Easy pace.  6.5 mile bike up Molas Pass (no downhill), 1900 feet climbing on bike.
Fri: 2 mile easy run loops on 12hr course
Sat: 12hr race.  48 miles, 12,000 feet of climbing in 11 hr 51 min.
Sun: 21 mile bike with 2,500 feet climbing up Red mt pass out of Silverton.  A run perhaps?  We'll see...
Totals: 92 miles running, 20,300 feet of gain for running; 60.5 miles of biking with 4,400 feet of gain for biking.

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