Sunday, November 6, 2011

Revisiting Tahoe

I have some big plans for one of my favorite places in the world: Lake Tahoe.  But it's a secret, for now anyway.  I'd planned to post a few more times about the fun trip James and I had leadig a running tour along the Tahoe Rim Trail, almost 90 miles worth of it!  I ended up logging my biggest mileage week EVER during this week in early August 2011.  I ran the WR 50 mile on Saturday, and finished with a 73 mile week at Tahoe that Friday, making it a 123 mile week!

We had a lot of fun on the trip.  Lots of laughing.  We found this construction worker to be especially funny while we waited to get to our run for the day.  He couldn't stand still!  His record: 24 seconds of super-fidgety standing still.  Yes, we are easily amused. Click to watch:

Since I didn't get around to posting much about the trip back in August and I know some of you are wondering whether I got lost out on a trail somewhere I have been writing so little lately, I'm going to post some more pictures from the trip.  Just to make you drool.  It certainly makes me want to go back.
What has James packed in his truck this time??!!

The first day had a lot of snow.

More pictures, click on the link "read more" below

tour guide Candice

Are we going the right way?

Mark enjoys the scenery

Me, with Lake Tahoe

James photographing us


Making water on a section of trail that didn't have any streams.

Ray and I used snow to make some water on the trail. Ray was fine, but I didn't take enough, so I melted about 4 waterbottles of water along the way. 

After dropping off the group at the trailhead, I drove to the finish and ran out to meet them. 

Some really cool shapes on the hillside

The last run of the tour had these incredible rocks (background)

Me, up on a rock

A little note along the way

James gets some work done at 8,000 feet while camping.  The mosquitos were insane.

James and I went on a nice run on the Saturday after the tour, finishing in Tahoe City.

Most days would end with a cool soak in the Lake and some sunning on the beach.

We thoroughly enjoyed each evening in our various comfortable accommodations.

Shawna, Ray, Candice, and Mark, posing with Lake Tahoe

James met us on Day 1 with water.  There's the lake in the background

I ran in my Montrail Rogue Racers most of the time

Candice and Ray, running 24 miles on the longest day of the tour, and in my opinion the most scenic day, we began at Mt. Rose and ran to Spooner Summit.

Shawna, Mark, Ray, James, and me

Mark captured some fun pictures

Ray and Mark. 

It wasn't all running....

Post-run fueling

Enjoying a cold evening and sunset in Heavely Ski Resort, last night of the tour.

The running tour mobile

Watermelon was an excellent post run food

James and I made 3 meals a day for the runners on the tour, plus coordinated transportation to and from trails and guided the runs during the day.

I ran 17 miles on the last day in Tahoe.  Bittersweet.  A wonderful week, but time to go home

Lots of driving and dirty feet to get home to WA

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