Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My next pair of shoes

Roclite™ 315 Slate/Orange                  Ultra distance and off road running shoe providing high levels of comfort, upper support and grip. Medium profile cushioned midsole provides excellent under foot comfort while the fascia-band aids propulsion efficiency of the running cycle. Ideal for training and long distance running.
Colour Slate/Orange
Weight 315gms (UK8)
Sizes US-M 4-13 (inc.1/2s) 14

I know, I'm shamelessly promoting Inov-8 every time I talk about running shoes.  But there's a reason why:  they offer more options in natural running shoes than any other company.  Additionally, the colors and styles of the shoes are pleasing to the eye.  When you spend enough time running per week to qualify it as a part time job, it is rather important that you enjoy your shoes, both in the way they feel and in the way they look.  With Inov-8, you don't have to compromise on feel, fit, or aesthetic appeal.

On the 315's I just got---These shoes are pretty natural and minimal compared to most trail shoes, but they'll last longer and protect my feet better than most minimal shoes.  I have been using the Inov8 230's since late November and have gone through two pairs already.  They are so minimal that there is no reinforcement on the sides so they always rip in one spot.  They really aren't meant for the kind of training that I do in them, they are racing flats and aren't expected to take that kind of mileage (70-100 mile weeks).  Thanks to my friend William, I got to try on the 315's (pictured above) and they felt surprisingly light and flexible.  Very close to as flexible and light feeling as the racing flats, just way, way more durable!  And durable is what I need with all the trail running in mud with rocks and for miles and miles day after day.  My 230's ripped the first week I had them!  They are pictured (new) below. I was also looking for a natural/minimal shoe that would protect my feet as I barrel down the mountainside.  I don't want to be super careful about every little rock when I am racing.  Downhills are my favorite and getting a more protective shoe will help me enjoy them that much more.
Inov-8 F-Lite™ 230, "Mountain Racing Flat",


  1. I had the 315s. In case you have to order...I found they ran big and got a size smaller than normal, but they might have changed that.

  2. Sizing is so hard! I ordered my usual size in Inov8, so hearing that I'm glad because William and I have been talking about how I should size up a bit for CCC, but I didn't this time anyway. Thanks fr the info.


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