Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Major Mileage and Jamesy Boy

This week, plus some in summary: In short, Sunday Feb. 6-Sat. Feb. 12 = 80 mile week.  On another note, if I calculated it from Wed. Feb. 9 through Tues. Feb. 15 (7 days), I'd have done 116 miles of running in one week... a new record!!

Sunday Feb. 6--- 3 miles at Deception Pass State Park, an easy slow run after a 50k the day before on Orcas Island (31 miles)

Monday Feb.7--- 4 miles on the trails.  Legs feeling a lot better.  Also 30 minutes of core/yoga work

Tuesday Feb. 8--- 5 mile loop on road and trails, Langley. 

Wednesday Feb. 9--- 6 miles trails on South Whidbey.

Thursday Feb. 10--- In the AM: 12 miles (road and trail loop) PM: 8 miles mostly on the road at night.

Friday Feb. 11--- A new record, three runs in one day.  In the AM: 15 miles trail and road mix, Mid-day: 9 miles in the trails, PM: 6 miles at night, a mix of road and trail.

Saturday Feb. 12: 12 miles in the AM.  60 minutes of self-propelled yoga and core exercises.  Plus, received a great massage.

Sunday Feb. 13: 12 miles in the trails.

Monday Feb. 14: In the AM-- 15 miles on road and trails with Jamesy boy.  PM: what a good sport James is: we did 6 miles on Valentine's day evening in the dark and in the rain, a muck fest in the woods on a windy night.  What a sweetie.  Aren't I lucky? What more could a girl ask for, but a man who will run with her at night in the mud and rain?

Tuesday Feb. 15: In the AM James and I  did a 12 mile loop of road and trails.  PM: I did a 3 mile easy run in the trails.  PM: 30 minutes of core/yoga/stretching at home.

Booyah!  Stay tuned for further craziness....


  1. a run at night in the rain & mud w/ your sweetie! Aww music to my ears!

  2. Wow! Night running and big mileage...you must be training for an Ultra.


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