Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mt. Baker Weekend Fun

It's a bit of a summer tradition in my family to rent cabins at Baker and do some hiking.  This summer I was pretty excited to head out early in the morning and get in a few long mountain runs.  As it turned out, the Baker weekend was very rainy and I went over to Bellingham's Chuckanut mountain and ran the Chuckanut trail systems instead of the Hannegan Pass run I had all mapped out.  A bit disappointing considering how close I was to Baker, but a good choice due to the questionable weather.  It rained almost the entire 4.5 hour run, and it was nice to be under some tree cover for the majority of my run. 
Fairhaven Park, start of the Chuckanut 50k in March
Here's a look at the weather for my Sunday run at Chuckanut, this was 7 AM
A brief section of Chuckanut with a light drizzle, the rain really started to come down after this shot and I had to stow my camera/phone away for the rest of the run
I did some hiking as well on Saturday, which turned out to be the only mostly rain-free time on the entire trip. 
Hiking trails at Baker, rocky section
Lucy and Rose take the mountain goat route
Natural rock wall
Hiking in the snow, avec Stella
Skiing down the snow was my personal favorite
Icing my legs after chuckanut trail run

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