Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cle Elum 50K, last race in the WA Ultra Series!

Cle Elum Course Elevation Profile, 50K

This is what I'm up to this weekend!  The course is a 50K, measuring just short of 31 miles, with about 7,000 feet elevation gain.  Looks like quite a nice climb all the way to mile 18.  This race is particularly exciting as it marks the end of the 2010 Washington Ultra Series.  I've managed to do all the races in the series, and I'm set to finish the last one on Saturday.  Despite keeping up some good training these past few weeks--Dodger Peak 50K and part of Chuckanut 50K as training/fun runs-- my body is feeling great!  No nagging pain.  For the last few races I've had a few minor aches even before the race, so it's a nice break. 

Race is located just south of Cle Elum in the Wenatchee National Forest and starts at the Taneum Junction Campground.  The course follows the South Cle Elum Ridge (#1326) and the North Fork Taneum Creek (#1377) trails. If it's not raining too hard I'll bring my camera and take some shots along the way...maybe...

map of the course, 50K in red, 25K in yellow
Race report coming next week...

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