Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cascade Crest, from the sidelines

Eric Sach (of The Balanced Athlete) and me, comparing our choice of running shoes. We all went on a run before the racers got to our aid station.
I had a blast volunteering for the Cascade Crest 100 mile trail run.  What an amazing group of athletes competing!  I helped out at Eric Sach's aid station at mile 23, Tacoma Pass.  Eric owns The Balanced Athlete, a running store in Renton.  We had a great group of volunteers.
the Volunteers

Here are some pictures from the day:
The start line at 8 AM. Race started at 10 AM

Eric and some of the other volunteers, filling the car with supplies for the aid station, mostly food and water.
The ultra food: potatoes, salt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey sandwiches with mustard, fruit, Gatorade, Vaseline and what looks like antibacterial hand sanitizer... for those who had to take a #2 in the woods I suppose :)
Spectators and crew for runners gather around the trail
Here's a couple that were hiking the Cascade Crest trail since April! They were pretty excited to get some food at the aid station
First place man, Jeff Browning, flies into our aid station.  Jeff held the lead and won the race in record time, 18:31:09. Check out his blog for more information:; he has a excellent race report.
Jeff Browning leaving the aid station
Second man to come through the aid station
First woman to come through aid station
The finish line, you can see some of the finishers gathered around, only a handful of runners were done at this point.
You can tell who just ran the race, they are resting!  Jeff Browning the winner is standing (how?!?) in the grey jacket.
Here he is icing his severely bruised shin.
The second day of the race I ran from the finish line to the second aid station (French Cabins) from the finish, about 12 miles out and then back.  It was exciting to see all the runners coming in and to cheer them on! For the most part they were looking really good for having run all night long.  

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