Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run hard, Rest hard

Resting in my vibram fivefingers

I'm really into wearing my fivefingers for most of my runs lately.  They are excellent for trail runs and road runs.  I don't recommend them for rocky trail runs unless you are okay with keeping a slow pace and stubbing your feet.  They are also tough to use in cold weather.  My toes go numb in cold weather with the fivefingers on, especially in cold and wet weather (like much of the year in the PNW).  

During a trail run this past weekend at Tacoma Pass in 50 degree weather with some moisture on the trail my toes, all the way to my arch, went numb before I broke out into the sun and unthawed my feet.  Despite that, I loved every minute of the trail run: feeling the ground and the child-like experience of connection with my surroundings and my body.  I also find that I feel more animalistic, combine that with mountain trails and... wow

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