Monday, May 31, 2010

This is a wee bit embarassing...

I have been meaning to write a running blog for a while now.  Truly my real passion is running.  I love to combine running posts with food recipes and swimming stories.  As much as I love running, I recently found myself seemingly forced to swim as my almost sole form of exercise.  Okay, okay, I have also been doing this amazingly intense and satisfying yoga class (thank you goddess Amanda Murphy) and trampolining.  Somehow those three exercises don't hurt my injuries.  First it was my posterior knee, now it's my left hip.

This is where the embarrassing story comes in.  I admit it and many would not.  I was home alone other than my two sleeping kiddos and playing some sweet dancing music enjoying some exercising to the music, including some yoga inspired dance moves when I tweaked my left femur where it attaches to the pelvis.  Aargh!  Just when I was having fun!  Not that I stopped dancing.  I did get a good long workout in despite the tweak.  I had a long tough run planned for Sunday morning which I switched out for a hard swim when I woke up in more pain than I expected.

So the swim.  I did almost 1.5 miles in the pool.  The first two half miles I timed and cruised through at 15 minutes per.  The last session as 10 laps (17 makes a half mile) at 8 minutes, which comes out to a 14 minute half.  Not bad.  I also like to do about 10 minutes of kick boarding to work out my legs which get a  little antsy without the running.

I look forward to continuing out Running conversation... till next time...

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