Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Between Sky and Earth

I'll never be a hiker,
I'd just take off down the trail
Arms flapping, 
Legs suspended above rock and snow
Accelerated experience,
Bundled into a day
And fifty miles.

You can't ask the hummingbird
To slow it's dance through the flowers
It is incapable of using its feet
For anything but perching.
Should it need to move 
just two inches
It must fly,
Fifty flaps a second.

I need to feel the freedom 
Of being between sky and earth,
Suspended for moments, flying:
My legs are my wings 
my arms guide me
My breathing moves me

They ask, What motivates you? 
I want to get as close to failure
as possible and succeed
To feel things beyond 
my human form,
To fly

Mt. Massive, 14,428ft

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  1. This is incredible and beautiful all in one! I like it so much, I feel the need to continually read it ver and over…


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