Friday, December 28, 2018


I am naked
but fully dressed
in front of you.
You call it blunt, I call it honesty.

Snow is falling outside
At first only small flakes, 
So tiny that it could be rain 
Or a gust of wind unsettling
The powder that weighs down on the roof.

You tell me that you have been hurt
That I do not have time for you
That you're not willing to try.
I read the space between the words,
like the colors in the clouds above, 
Instead of the small snowflakes coming down.

The colors are deep blue and grey, 
The clouds look bruised and swollen 
They tell of a great storm.
Just another day in the mountains

Even in the storm, 
The deep snow will protect 
even the most exposed trees
From the extreme cold
At least that's what you told me
Everything has a purpose

I can read you like that,
But I don't say anything I just agree. 
Because I am scared too.

Written on 12/28/18


  1. Awesome Poems. I'm no expert but this just continues to show your wealth of talents. I wish you all the best for your adventures in the new year! :)


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