Monday, February 2, 2015

10 Entertaining Ways to EAT IT Trail Running

Do you have an special ways to fall on the trail? Please comment!

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  1. And don't forget the combo eat-its! For me, the rubbernecker usually finishes in a scorpion. ;)

  2. I've experienced #2, #5, #6 and #7! I would also add "The pole vault". This is the situation when your toe catches on one end of a branch or stick on the trail, and the other end is stuck in the ground ahead of you, effectively vaulting your foot up and tripping you over.

  3. I am with you Lisa! Usually never fall but did the Rubbernecker into a scorpion the past two weekends

  4. Lots of riding the Bannister and backdoor knocks around here on the ice

  5. In your model of the world you are thinking during in event. Now on training days in the snow, how about the Boy Dog stepping on the back of your snowshoe fall?!?!?! Or the ever so famous, leash, dodge, wait, no, I'm down. But I must say that the Rubbernecker is my favorite. And after my fall I always tell the person that saw me, " Better than my best day at work." Cheers

  6. Don't forget about like a stinkbug with your feet and hands on the ground and your butt in the air!

  7. Esta será una Ultra Trail "épica " la belleza desbordante de la zona y su salvaje geografía, serán un escenario maravilloso para todos los asistentes


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