Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things to Consider Before Dating an Ultrarunner

After chatting with Don Freeman about joining them for a podcast at Trail Runner Nation about "reasons why and why not to date a runner" I decided to do my homework and before I read any of the articles he sent I would come up with my own ideas. It was fun and before I knew it I'd created this little sketch in my journal. 

Listen to Trail Runner Nation Podcast about the "Pros and Cons of Dating an Ultra Runner" with Don Freeman, Scott Warr, Faith Lehman, and myself as we debate on the subject in teams of two!

I posted his little sketch yesterday on Twitter and facebook, and it went viral quickly, to my surprise.  Who doesn't like a little truthful humor though? Do you have anything to add to this chart? Please comment and let me know! 

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  1. i sent this to my boyfriend and he almost died laughing. he suggested that you add "will wake you up at 2am because of weird food cravings and/or with the craving to run". Luckily there are wonderful people out there who love ultrarunners and all they're craziness ;-)

  2. HA! - likely to survive the zombie apocalypse - well done!! Uh, Negative (?) : 'new car' scent - don't count on it! Positive (?) : easily convinced pre, during and or post runs are equally ideal opportunities to cheers a barley pop.
    Best ---

  3. Ultra running endurance translates to ultra endurance in bed.

    1. Yes,I can sleep for 24 hours straight! :D

  4. Are you busy this weekend? Down here in San Diego we've a fun-filled double-header weekend -- SD 50 on Sat. and the Carlsbad street mary on Sun. Interested?



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