Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Such Thing As Far Away

I'm sitting in my truck
On a quiet city street in Portland, 
Looking at your text:
A picture of your skateboard,
Pabst Blue ribbon at your feet

I'm thinking of how I'd like to see you
On that skateboard 
Making your favorite sound,
Urethane on concrete.
But there are 663 miles 
Between your board and my truck. 

In that moment, I'm frozen 
In a flood of memories, 
Trying to figure out where home is.
From behind me I hear the sound
Of urethane on concrete: 
It melts my reverie.

A man is practicing a trick 
With his skateboard 
In the middle of the road. 
The urethrane on concrete 
Sings a gritty song:
There's no such thing as far away
On a quiet city street in Portland. 

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