Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yoga in Zion, with Some Trail Running Thrown In

Why always settle for yoga indoors? If you're feeling a little lack of inspiration in your practice and weather permitting, go outdoors and do some of your favorite asanas. I love stopping mid-run, even to just do one pose, like bridge or a headstand. Visiting Zion National Park today, I found a little parking spot off the road and scrambled about 1/2 mile up the rocks to find this little piece of heaven to write, meditate, and do some yoga!

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  1. Really interesting.I am thankful to have discovered yoga and made it a normal piece of my busy life on the grounds that it remembers me healthy and body.Basically,yoga keeps me on the trail and prepared to handle mountain miles on a daily basis.Best wishes.

    Sue Houston.


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