Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Would Happen?

What would happen
If I told you the truth?
That deep within me
There is a wound

I opened my arms
Trying to find it
But there was only blood
And hospitals
Inside my skin

I turned up my music
Trying to hear where
It was coming from
But there were only words
And tears that grew thick
Like a trampled flower

Sometimes I glimpse it
After a torrential rain
In the earth worms bloated
And stranded on the asphalt

I want to reach down 

To pick up every last one
To place them on dry soil
But there are too many to save

What would happen 
If I told you these wounds never heal?
They are open in our bodies
Like the arms of a mother
Anticipating an embrace
Knowing vulnerability
Unable to avoid it.

In my heart I know 
I could find my wound
Find dry land
In just one embrace 
From you

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