Monday, February 17, 2014

My Breaking Point

There's something in the air. It's exciting! The wind and storms have cleansed the forests and my very own limbs all the way through my bones. I ran through a storm and the trees yelped and the wind howled and I felt the change. Daily hot yoga has flowed rivers of change through my body and through the effort, my mind feels cleansed as well.  Each moment holds this infinite possibility and strength of spirit.  I feel more inspired than ever. Lots of good stuff coming!

At work, I'm organizing 9 trail races, one of which is the brand new Tahoe 200 mile Endurance Run, a full single loop around my favorite place in the world (although honestly I have lots of favorite places).  I'm also super excited to be helping build the trail running community in Washington State and specifically Bellingham as President of the Bellingham Trail Running Club and owner/race director of the Bellingham Trail Running Series. I love seeing the club grow and being a part of peoples incredible trail running adventures.

For 2014, I'm working hard to add a few Running Tours. One will hopefully be in the Hawaiian Islands and another in Washington State. I have two spectacular places in mind for Washington.  For now, it's a secret, but I hope to announce at least one of the tours soon.

Enjoy these incredible photos by Mike Powell that he took during our photoshoot in December!

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