Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Training Journal 6/3-6/9

Monday, June 3-Sunday, June 9, 2013: Big deal this week was biking from Bellingham to Winthrop and in the process going over the mountain pass and logging 152 miles with 8,300 ft. I've been scheming to do this route for a while and the weather & my training finally lined up.  Two days later James and I climbed Gardner Mountain, one of the toughest training days this year.  Good scrambling and lots of elevation gain 5,000ft climbing in just 2 miles.  Good week for toughening up mentally/physically.  Mileage this week suffered a bit due to my long bike ride and helping race direct at the Winthrop Marathon. When I added up the numbers, I realized I did 28.5 hours total biking, running, and slack lining.  Damn that's pretty solid.
Biking up to Washington Pass and all the way down to Winthrop from Bellingham
Monday: 10 mile run Stewart Mountain, 2900 ft/2hr
Tuesday: 152 mile Bike ride from Bellingham to Winthrop. 8,300 ft/climb/12hr
Wednesday: 10 miles 3,800ft/3.5hr Canyon Creek Ridge, much of it off trail, read: slow
Thursday: Climb Gardner Mt. 7,000 ft climb 24 miles. 8hr.
Friday: day off, well deserved!
Saturday: 10.5 mile run Patterson Mt. & lake trail 2hr/1,900 ft
Sunday: RDing, too busy to run :(

Running Miles: 54.5 miles
Elevation Gain, Running: 15,600 ft in just 54 miles
Biking Miles/Elevation Gain: 152 miles with 8,300 ft
Other: slack lining 1 hr
Total Time Running: 15.5 hr
Total Time Exercise: 28.5 hr
Climbing Patterson Mt.

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