Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Training Journal 2/25-3/3

Monday, February 25- Sunday, March 3, 2013: This week was tough. I race directed the second race in the BTRS and struggled to have enough energy to run. My long run was foiled by extreme low energy on Wednesday, severe enough that I took Thursday off (save for a core workout).  Thursday marked the first day of altitude training.  Quickly coming up is my trip to New Zealand (leave on the 6th of March).  Life is busy!
Me in the middle in the green jacket with runners of the Stewart Mountain 5k/15k
Monday: 5 mile recovery run at Ft. Ebey State Park. 600 ft/climb.
Tuesday: Ran the Stewart Mountain 15k course, 9.5 miles with 1,200 ft/climb. 1hr 30 min. Felt tired.  Lungs were working hard. Core work, 30 min.
Wednesday: 4,300 ft/climbing in 16.5 miles on first half of the Lost Lake 50k course. I was going to do all 31 miles, but was very tired.
Thursday: day off due to unusual fatigue. 45 min core work.
Friday: 6.5 mile run sehome hill trails & sehome hill urban loop. 1,400 ft/climbing. 30 min core work.
Saturday: 10 miles, part course marking Stewart and part as a hill workout. (20 second Hill sprints x10). 1,200 ft/climb.
Sunday: Race directed Stewart Mt. & did 2 runs-- 3 miles easy in afternoon w/girls 500 ft/climb.  7 mile tempo on Connoly creek/Boulevard loop. 400 ft/climb. 57 mins.

Running Miles: 57 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 9,600 feet/climbing
Cross training: 3 days of core work for 30/45 min each day.
Time Exercising: 12.25hrs

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