Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Training Journal 11/12-11/18

Monday, November 12 -Sunday, November 18, 2012: Two big wins this week: I'll be running for Salomon at the North Face Championships 50 miler on Dec. 1 and I hit 104 miles this week! The first thingy, it's REALLY AWESOME!  I am looking forward to a fun week in San Francisco at TNF50 with some amazing runners.  As for the latter, I finally broke through that 100 mile wall.  Not that I have really been trying.  I have been trying not to be uptight about hitting certain miles.  This has been my biggest mileage week I think since doing the Wonderland trail in 31 hours (93 miles) in September.  It didn't feel that much harder than other weeks, other than I had a few aches and a few cramps a night (calves, ouch!).   The ball of my left foot has been sore and I had some fatigue on both my runs Friday after I did double runs on Thursday (including a 20 miler).  No wonder!  It was only a little more than the past 3 week's mileage: 90.5 miles, 85 miles, 92 miles.
To get in 100+miles you gotta run in the dark sometimes! Heading out for an early morning run.
Monday: 15.5 mile Progression run.  (2,100 feet climbing, 2hr 25min)
Tuesday: Two run day.  10 mile speed session in AM (1/2 mile and 3/4 mile repeats with no rest including a 3 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down). 7 mile recovery run in PM. (1hr45/1hr20/1,300 total ft. gain)
Wednesday: 8 mile recovery run. (1hr10, 500 feet climbing)
Thursday: Two run day: 20 mile run in the AM (3hr30min, 3,700 feet climbing), 7 mile recovery in the PM (1hr, 550 feet climbing)
Friday: 9 mile fartlek AM (1hr. 20, 1,300 feet climbing), 6 mile recovery PM (1hr, 600 feet climbing)
Saturday: 7 mile recovery on treadmill (1hr)
Sunday: 15 mile run on Blanchard Mountain, focusing on technical downhills. (3hr20min, 4,500 feet of climbing)

Running miles: 104.5 miles or 168km
Running elevation gain: 14,550 feet or 4,435 meters
Crosstraining: Situps and plank exercises 3 days
Total time running: 17.85hours

And my illustration of upcoming TNF50 San Francisco!

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