Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Training Journal 9/24-9/30

Monday, September 24- Sunday, September 30: Considering last week's emotional upheaval, this was a really tough week to make any progress on my running.  Somehow I bagged another circumnavigation of another mountain (Hood) and ran fairly consistently most of the other days.  I don't know what to say other than, I am emerging from this week stronger.  Like my legs that I break down during a long trail run, only to have them rebuild to adapt to their new demands, so too is my heart: broken down and rebuilding. 
A little self portrait for the week
Monday: 4 miles, 800 feet of climbing.  Sehome.
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: 40 miles around Mt. Hood.  10,000 feet of climbing.  11.5 hours.
Thursday: 30 mile bike ride, 1,500 climbing. 
Friday: 4 mile run Sehome, plus 10x10 second hill sprints. 1,200 feet of climbing
Saturday: 6 miles on treadmill.  Pretty good wqorkout actually.  With hills and speed intervals added. 400 feet of gain (in treadmill terms)
Sunday: 15 mile run in the Chuckanuts. 3,600 feet of climbing

Running miles: 69
Running Elevation gain: 16,000 feet
Biking Miles: 30
Biking gain: 1,500 feet

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