Sunday, October 14, 2012

Training Journal 10/8-10/14

Monday, October 8- Sunday, October 14: Ugh, again I didn't want to write this post, but by the end was glad I did.  I really enjoyed adding some 1 min fartleks (hehe, yeah I'm in 5th grade) to my training this week.  Did a few double run days which I enjoy immensely.  I also went climbing (in a gym) for the first time ever.  It was a great workout and I hope to climb again soon.  I would also like to add more crosstraining to my workouts.   Between dealing with personal issues that have left me very low energy and work, I have been very busy.  On the upside, I've been scheming on my next business enterprises that will be focused on running.  I hope to make some announcements by Dec1st!  So here is the past week in training.  Hopefully I will get back to a  90+ mile week next week!
I've been working on designing the 2013 BTRS (see my shirt).  Bigger and better!!
Monday: A crosstraining day.  12 mile bike ride (40 min, 800 feet of climbing) and 2 hrs of climbing in the climbing gym.  Was nicely sore on Tuesday!
Tuesday: 6 miles in the morning (550ft climbing), 6 miles in the evening (1850ft climbing) on Orcas Island (at night) 6 mile at night included 1 min per mile of faster running.  2.5 hrs total
Wednesday: Trail run focusing on the downhills.  12.5 miles, 3400 feet of climbing.  2hr30min running time.
Thursday: Recovery run in the morning 6 miles (1400 feet of climbing), 7 mile fartlek in the afternoon (1min hard running per mile, 1000 feet of climbing). 2.5 hours total running.
Friday: 15 mile trail run on Orcas trails. 3,800 feet of climbing. 3hr
Saturday: 12 miles, 1200 feet of climbing.  1hr45min.
Sunday: 8 miles on treadmill. 1 mile warm up.  7 miles at half marathon pace.  Tougher than I expected because I am not used to running on flat surface for so long!  My muscles felt fatigued pretty quick, but lungs felt great. 1hr

Running miles: 72.5 miles (about 15 less than I was supposed to do)
Running elevation gain: 13,200 feet
Biking miles: 12miles (yep pretty pathetic)
Biking elevation gain: 800
Other cross training: 2hr climbing
Total exercise time: 16hrs

But of course!  Village Books cafe.  Books + coffee=makes better lovers :)
Heck, on that note, I love running to this song! Warning, it has a little of the above innuendos...enjoy

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