Monday, October 29, 2012

Training Journal 10/22-10/28

Monday, October 22, 2012- Sunday, October 28, 2012:  I cheated a little this week on my training plan.  I added 22 extra miles.  Hopefully Coach Ian won't mind.  I did it by adding an extra run to several days that had only 1 run planned.  Part of me just felt like I wanted to be around 90 miles for the week (hit that number on the head) and another part of me just wanted to be out running as  much as possible.  Logistically doing 2 runs a day can be pretty time consuming, especially if you need to shower, change clothes and be somewhere!  I spent a fair amount of time doing exactly that.  Much of my running was on flat-ish trails and ended up being pretty fast.  My calf began to hurt enough that I cut my long run day down to 22 miles from 26.  It's better now, but I think all those 6-minute miles strained it a little bit. 
Monday: Cross training day, but did an easy 4.5 mile run (45 minutes, 315 feet of gain) plus 26 mile bike ride (1hr 35min, 850 feet climbing).  In Port Townsend teaching.
Tuesday: 16 miles total. 6 mile run in the early afternoon (50 minutes, 400 feet of climbing), 10 mile speed progression workout in later afternoon ending with 7min, 6:45min, 6:30 minute miles (1hr 15 min, 550 feet of climbing)
Wednesday: 10 mile farlek with 1 min hard running per mile, rest of the time easy pace (1hr. 25min, 500 feet of climbing).
Thursday: 12 miles total, 2 runs: 5 mile tempo in AM (35 minutes, 500 feet of climbing). 7 miles easy in afternoon (1 hr. 500 feet of climbing).
Friday: 22 miles by Lake Padden and in Chuckanuts focusing on fast uphills (3,500 feet of climbing & 3 hr. 45 min).
Saturday: 11 miles total.  7 miles easy in the AM on treadmill (1hr. 10min), 4 miles in PM practicing fast hiking (4-4.5 mph on 12 %+ grade). 
Sunday: 15 miles total. 8 miles in morning on treadmill with 12x400 meter repeats plus 5 miles of warm up/cool down.  7 miles in PM, easy.

Run mileage: 90.5 miles
Running Elevation gain: 8,265 feet
Biking miles: 26 miles
Biking Gain: 850 feet
Total time exercising:  15.5 hours

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