Monday, July 16, 2012

Training Journal 7/9-7/15

Running in Durango for an easy, lower altitude run, still 7,000+ feet!  Good heat training for Tahoe though.
Monday 7/9-Sunday 7/15: Taper week.  Turned out to be an even bigger taper than I expected as I barely paced James at Hardrock before he dropped (we made it 3.5 miles total, good pacer I am...).  This week would've been 64 miles, instead it was 34.  This is going to be to my advantage this weekend at Tahoe 100.  I just couldn't resist the opportunity to pace in such a cool race, and would've done too much, I know it!

Monday: Crazy 42 mile bike ride from Silverton--->Ouray--->almost back to Silverton 42 miles, 5,800 feet of climbing(!) and one very popped tire.
Tuesday: Day off.  knees were so sore from biking two mountain passes the day before I figured I earned it.
Wednesday: Ran in Durango, lower elevation easy pace in heat 1500 gain, 8 miles
Thursday: 3.5 mile 2000 foot gain run.  Taking it easy in anticipation for my pacing duties....
Friday: 6 mile run out of Telluride, moderate pace 1000 feet gain.
Saturday: Nice easy 3.5 mile 1,500 gain climb from Grouse Aid at an ungodly hour, 6 mile afternoon run on Continental Divide Trail out of Cunningham Gulch 1:30 2,500 feet gain.
Sunday: Moderate 7 mile Bear Creek Ouray run.  2,310 gain.  1 hr. 40

Run Miles: 34 miles run
Running elevation gain: 10,815
Biking Miles: 42
Biking Elevation Gain: 5,800 feet

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