Monday, July 30, 2012

Training Journal 7/16-7/22

Monday July 16- Sunday July 22: Full on taper mode and race weekend.  I was really grumpy this week.  I've never been so ornery before a race.  I was telling James how stupid racing is and how i don't want to run the race I just want to run where ever I want to run.  Taper-tantrums full out.  I even managed to get only 3 hours of sleep the night before the race.  Despite all that, I did alright :)

Monday: Easy 3 mile run.  Stopped in Utah on our way to Lake tahoe.  500 feet of climbing at 7,000 feet
Tuesday: 12.5 mile run.  An out and back at the start of the TRT100 course.  Gained 2,600 feet
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: 9 miles biking
Friday: 30 minute run with 500 feet of climbing. 3 miles
Saturday: Race day!  22:50:47 for 100 miles on Tahoe Rim Trail 100 race with ~20,000 feet of climbing.  Finished 7th overall and 2nd female.  First 50 miles in 10:08.  James paced last 50 miles. We finished at 3:50 in the morning.
Sunday: Felt like I was hit by a fast moving car.  Recovery day, no run just lots of sleep.

Running miles:  118.5
Elevation gain: 23,600 feet
Biking miles: 9
biking gain: insignificant

Sub 24 buckle!

Feeling great at mile 50!

I lost a toenail in the deal.  A large blister formed under the nail and popped the nail up and off the nail bed.  I had to remove the nail 4 days later due to the pain.  It looks better now.


  1. Like the new site...Congrats on your 100 mile finish!

  2. Congrats! Does that kind of injuries happen a lot to runners???

  3. Hi Andrea, my toenail loss was a bit more dramatic than is normal, but ultra runners often lose toenails. Usually when I lose a toenail, it is just really sore after a race and over time it gets lose and comes off. Getting a blister under the toenail is more unusual. And very painful!!


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