Friday, May 25, 2012

Last two weeks of training

Training has been a bit intense these past few months, culminating in several weeks of 90-ish miles all with over 20,000 feet of gain  So lots of miles and lots of clibing and descending.  AS of right now I'm a bit too tired to go into too many details and I'm reclining outside in the sun, so I'll keep it brief:

Last week: Sun Mountain race prep/help with 91 total miles:

This week:5/21-5/27, 23,300 feet of climbing and 103.5 mi running
mon-4mi run with 14mi bike.  700 feet of climbing (run)
tues-25 mile bike
wed- 38mi run, 7,700 feet climbing
thurs-19 mi "middle 18 course for chucknaut 30k", 5200 feet climbing in 3hr36min
fri-24 mi with 9,600 feet of climbing on pine and cedar
sat-will be  a day off
sun-ski to sea 7.5 mi downhill race, 10 miles into Glacier, for a total of 18.5 miles

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