Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tahoe Rim Running Tour: day 1

James at the trail head.  Day 1, checking out the pick up and drop off points for runners
 So James and I are leading a running tour on the Tahoe Rim this week from Monday through Friday.  We'll cover about 90 miles from Tahoe City to South Lake Tahoe on the East side of the lake.  I'll write about each day separately.  We are in charge of making sure the runners are well fed (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), transported to trailheads and picked up, and running with them each day.  Of course we are in charge of a lot more, but these are the basics anyway.  What fun we are having! Tour is hosted by Adventure Running Company.
Lake Tahoe is an amazing place to trail run.  The Tahoe Rim Trail covers 165 miles  and circumnavigates the entire lake.

there's the 5 of us.  Me, Shawna, James, Mark, and Ray.  

A nice aid station for the runners.  I was in charge of meeting the runners with lunch partway through their run.  

Working for Adventure Running Company

An interesting thing happened while I waited for the runners.  See tadpoles

See Snake

See snake eat tadpoles!  I got a cool video of it that I'll post.

post run icing legs, although the lake is quite warm, so it was more of a nice relief, rather than a cold treatment

Chilling out in our lodge with snacks set out for runners

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