Thursday, August 18, 2011

Broken Coffee Filters

Candice runs down the trail with Mt. Spokane (5, 800 feet)  in the background
 After a few tries with broken coffee filters and gritty coffee, I happily found myself sipping coffee out of a wine glass in a camping chair next to James, overlooking the road with the sound of a small stream bubbling and a roll of toilet paper enclosed in a plastic bag at my feet.  Camping is fun.  We were camping in the truck outside of the Mt. Spokane State park because we had gotten there a little too late to find a more scenic place to sip my coffee in the morning.  But I didn't mind, the sun was shining and we had a nice 18 mile run ahead.  

I had several days off mid-week and James needed to do some work at Mt. Spokane, so we headed East for some adventure: camping, running, mapping, photography, and a little relaxation.  Bringing the Canon Rebel along insured that we'd have some good photographs to share with runners and help promote James' Mt. Spokane race which is scheduled for October 8, 2011.

James cruising on the trail
Who says runners can't do ballet?
Top of Mt. Spokane, 180 degree views

That guy can run!

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