Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day after a 50 mile race

 The day after a big race I like to get out and stretch my legs.  Sometimes this means a swim in the pool, but since there was no pool and it wasn't quite warm enough for a lake swim, I went for a "jog".  I was still in Winthrop where the race was the day before, and headed to some trails off of Frost Road.   My "jog" turned out to be a good 1.5 hour hike as my legs were still wasted from the race the day before.  The trail I chose went through beautiful meadows to where the aid station at 5.5 miles was the day before.  Isn't the scenery incredible?  I even got some wonderful sun breaks during the hike. 

Lunch at Grover Street Market in Twisp after the hike

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