Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dinner for a 124 mile week

Thank you La Sportiva for the great trail shoes! 
 I just picked James up from the airport today.  He was gone for a little over a week guiding a running tour for Adventure Running Co. on the Appalachian Trail. A five-day, 94 mile tour.  If that wasn't enough, he decided to join some of his friends for 31 miles who were running a 71 mile section of the Appalachian trail.  Yes, this is his idea of fun: running approximately 20 miles a day for 5 days then sleeping two hours and joining friends at 1 AM to run another 31 miles.  Yes.  I may have found my soul mate.  Seriously. 

I thought it would be nice to make a "recover dinner" tonight considering his mileage and mine.  I ran a 50 mile race last saturday April 30th, the Capitol Peak 50 mile.  From Saturday April 30th to Saturday May 7th (aprox week) I ran 86 miles.  And I feel great!!  Thank you Eric Sach of the Balanced Athlette for giving me some really good training advice: 60 % of your running mileage should be easy.  For me on the trails that's 8-11 minutes a mile.  And that's just what I did this past week.  I had a lot of fun running easy on the super-uber-muddy trails of Whidbey and doing a good deal of cross training.  I did about 2 hours of exercise everyday this past week, except for Saturday when I did 4 hours.  Other than running, I also do trampoline workouts, swimming (my absolute fav, I think I was meant to be a competitive swimmer, but oh well), and yoga/core/calisthenics.  My ideal day would be a 1 hour trail run, a 1 hour swim, ad a 1 hour yoga/calisthenics workout with a nice evening walk as the sun sets.

A "recovery dinner" for James means anything with potatoes.  OK, easy enough!  Tonight James and I made burgers topped with pineapple, tomato, and spinach and served with crispy baked yam fries (spiced with fresh fennel and garlic) and cast-iron fried potatoes with curry and pepper.

Happy Mother's Day to y'all!!!!!
Potatoes spiced with curry and pepper
From the Star Store: Turkey burgers with apple and beef burger with Gorgonzola
For the burgers: tomatoes, Bur Oak Acres spinach and butter lettuce, Tillmook Colby Cheese served with fresh fennel and garlic yams
Twice cooked polenta
Of course... beer!
pineapple for the burgers

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