Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night Running on Whidbey

I did my second night run of the autumn tonight.  Wow, it's hard to get motivated after a day of work, but having friends come along helps.  Nick and I did a 7 mile loop on the road with our head lamps.  I am now labeled the dentist by Nick. Halfway through I was a merely a receptionist at the dentist's office but by the end I was the full on dentist, making him answer questions while he's trying to get a breath!  I think he was saying that I was running him too hard. If you ask him I think he'll say he had fun anyway!

Join us every Thursday at 8 PM at the Whidbey Children's Theater on 3rd and Anthes.  We'll do a 7-12 mile run rain or moon.  Bring headlamp and reflective gear.

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