Monday, October 11, 2010

Mapping Trails in the Okanogan

James and I went for a run in the Okanogan National Forest near Twisp, WA on Saturday with GPS to map some trails and as a warm up for a 40 miler on Sunday (details to come).  The weather was wet, foggy, and cold in the mountains.  The route we took started at 6,000+ feet and reached 7,861 feet.  I set a new record for myself: the highest elevation I have run up to.  You won't hear me complaining about 5,000 feet now!  Several of the races I have done this year reach 5,000 feet and at that elevation I notice a little more heaviness in my legs, mild lightheadedness, and heavier breathing.  I'm not sure if I can attribute this to the elevation entirely, partly due to the length of the races (50K to 50 miles) and the mileage I am at when I reach that elevation.  At White River 50 mile trail race runners reach 5,000+ feet at Sun Top, 37 miles into the race.  So is it the distance and its toll on the body or the elevation or both?  In my case I think it is both.  Time to toughen up!
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Here are some pictures from the run...

James tracked the elevation and mileage for possible future race and/or map making

This is where the last runner that made it up here was buried.  Just kidding.  Picture taken at the the top of the ascent...
also at the top!
Foggy Views

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