Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Best New Race Outside of the USA for 2015

When I heard about the Ultra Fiord, a brand new trail race in Patagonia, Chile I was instantly intrigued. The photos told a story of a magical trek through the region's waterways and mountains. It seemed to embody the spirit of trail running with a course that follows the principles of my own race directing business: a course featuring the most scenic mountains and terrain and a deep desire to give back to the community and environment. The race promises to encourage sustainable development through trail running tourism and other outdoor pursuits--- rather than the pillaging of the land that can come from real estate development or resource mining.

I was excited to join the race as one of their international runners with the opportunity to fly down to South America and run the 100 mile event. The Ultra Fiord also offers 30k, 70k, and 100k options. What better way to explore a region known for it's incredible terrain than a trail race? Patagonia, Chile, may very well be one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, in Kate Kellaway's words, from her article in the Guardian about her horseback trip to the area:

"Seeing is not believing. The Torres del Paine national park makes you feel you are about to meet God...This landscape of blue, green and silver, of granite spires, glaciers, lakes, mountains and daisy-filled meadows, robs you of words. " (The Guardian, Kate Kellaway, March 2013)
The event will be taking registrations until March 5, so don't hesitate too long to signup for this incredible journey! Register Here

There will be an incredible field of elite athletes for the inaugural year including Jeff Browning, Matthew Maynard, Kerrie Adair Bruxvoort, Nicholas Barraza, Billy Barnett, Enzo Ferrari, Sofi Cantilo, Gustavo Reyes, Niki Kimball, Joe Grant, Federica Boifava, Genís Zapater, Veronica Bravo, Brittany Dick, Fernando Nazário, Manuela Vilaseca, and Krissy Moehl. Some of the above mentioned athletes are doing the 100k and 70k options.

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