Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekly Workout Challenge: Steep Continuous Uphill Oct. 18-24

STARTING TODAY I will be posting a weekly workout challenge for Trail Runners. In most cases it will be a running based workout with the occasional cross training/strength training based workout thrown in. These workouts are designed to get you fit and fast on the trails & in the mountains. You'll have a week to do each workout. I look forward to hearing feedback. Here's this weeks, and since the week is almost over, you have this weekend and next week to complete it!

*I will include modified versions for those people who are just getting in trail shape.

Steep Uphill Continuous Run
Miles: 4-8
Elevation Gain: 2,100-3,000
Uphill miles: 2-3 (continuous)
This workout should be 4-8 miles in length. The quality part of the workout, the part that is most important to focus on is the uphill section. For this section you will run steadily at a pace you can maintain for 2-3 miles. The uphill miles should be steep, between 700-1000 feet of elevation gain per mile. Your challenge is to RUN the entire 2-3 miles until you summit the mountain.

*Modified Version:
You will run as much of the steep hill as possible using hiking to give yourself a break as needed, but try to keep the hiking at high intensity. If you are still at relatively low weekly mileage (less than 40 miles a week) you should keep this workout closer to 4 miles in length.


  1. If I confined to a treadmill what would the incline have to be to get that type of elevation in 2-3 miles? Thanks...

  2. This is a great idea. Getting an "assignment" every week will help break my training up and hopefully keep it interesting. Thanks!

  3. I think the 1000' per running mile is about an 11 degree grade but my trig is pretty rusty. 800' gain is 8.7 degrees.


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