Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rock Climbing, Scrambling & Trail Running in Zion National Park

I have about 1 hour before I do some canyoneering in Zion National park, and I wanted to share a few pictures that my friends and I took on our scrambling (class 4) and trail running adventure. Enjoy!

We climbed that big towering white mountain behind Richard

token selfie at the top of the climb! 



  1. Looks like fun times with Kresser and the Swoish-buckler!

  2. Yeah! the 3 of make a pretty awesome group of adventurers. Someone says, hey let's do this crazy shit, and everyone else is like, heck yeah :-)

  3. Thanx so much 4 sharing all the photos….. Epic weather…. Unreal terrain….. And smile all around….. Stay Strong


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