Friday, May 16, 2014

Exploring Southern Red Rock Trails: Cottonwood Valley

Big day at the office: dehydration, bonus miles, horses and lots of dirt.

Today I explored more of the Southern end of Cottonwood Valley, part of Red Rock National Conservation Area and a paradise for mountain bikers and trail runners (if they knew about it). Temperatures reached 100 degrees on the trail and by the end of my ride I was cursing the iron horse and wishing I could just run up the hills. Lots of sand, rocks, and never ending desert. My desire for cold water was so strong that nothing else in the world seemed so lovely. I think I'll bring more water next time. It was a perfect day as long as you don't mind hearing a few (ok a lot) of swear words. 

On the iron horse again today

That is a piece of trail running & mountain biking heaven

Horses, what an incredible sight. I was glad when two of the stallions stopped rearing up and fighting each other so I could pass by though.

Ok, what the fuck is this? That's what I thought from afar. A giant mushroom? I dead body? An alien? Nope. It appears to be an enormous costume ripped apart by an alien monster. Time to bike on....
Las Vegas!

This ended up being a steep descent!

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  1. it's an old marker for doing ground survey's from the air.

  2. Great pics Candice.
    Jen and I are enjoying seeing and reading about the adventure.
    keep us posted,
    Ralph & Jen Havens
    Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA


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