Sunday, April 20, 2014

10 Minute Core Workout for Ultra Runners

April Challenge

There will be a daily workout challenge each month

Results are about consistency. There is no such thing as being "lucky" to have good core strength. If you run regularly you owe your body a regular core routine. This is where the 10 Minute Core Workout for Ultra Runners comes in.  This routine is yoga based and it's meant to be challenging. Ultra runners get so focused on the running part of physical fitness they often lose sight of the bigger picture. Cross training, or playing as I'd rather call it, is essential to long term success as a distance runner.

This workout is meant to be done every single day, no excuses. Somedays you'll drag your way through it doing just the bare essentials and other days you will get caught up in the play and maybe you'll work your core for an hour. I do that all the time. That's how I trick myself- I tell myself that I only need to do 10 mins, then I begin having fun. Feel free to add in or subtract exercises that don't work for you, but keep the workout to 10-20 minutes everyday. The everyday part is the key. 

The workout consists of these exercises, see video for explanations.

Plank, face down: 2 minutes

Plank, Right Side: 1 minute

Plank, Left Side: 1 minute

Yoga Bicycles, 100 repeats

Boat Ups: 2 sets of 10

Leg Lifts: 10 (3 holds per lift)

Downward Dog: Each leg do Knee to Nose, Knee to Right Elbow, Knee to Left Elbow with optional arm balance at end.

Finish with 2 minutes of headstand either free standing or against a wall if you are new to it.

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Other cross training suggestions:
  • Regular Vinyasa Flow/Power Yoga class: 1-3 week to begin with, it will kick your butt.
  • Buy a slack line! I absolutely love slack lining. Best core workout ever. Seriously. 
  • Road cycling: I'm a trail runner, but I love, love, looooove going fast on a road bike. Hooked. 
  • Weight lifting. Get a trainer. It's worth it. Ultras take a lot of strength.
Slack lining at the park


  1. Thanks Candice. These are gonna be a great addition to my training. Love that you love the road bike!!

  2. Great Core routine! Thanks for sharing

  3. That's a great routine. I absolutely want to try out slack lining. It looks so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you can use them! More routines coming!

  5. did it last night - so sore! good sore!

  6. Hello Candice, glad to meet with you!! You're an awesome blogger and very inspiring one. This 10 minute core workout for ultra runners will surely helpful for followers of such instruction. Thanks.

  7. looks awesome Candace. Core stuff is great! I like the hip rotation exercise from Qigong too. It would be a fun way to do the 10 minute core work out then do 10 minutes of the Qigong hip rotations exercise then re-do the 10 minute core workout and see what you notice that's different! let me know. I'd be interested in what you notice! *** we are enjoying your posts a lot! thanks, Ralph, Jen and Ben Havens

    Bellingham, Wa


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