Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ultra Running Pack Personality Test

Why research your next Ultra Running pack when you can take the Ultra Running Pack Personality Test?   I decided there must be a more unscientific way to pick that perfect pack than pouring over online reviews and visiting your local running store. You're welcome.  I am here to help you choose your very own pack in a fresh, hip, and intuitive way.  If you thought you knew how to choose a pack, then have a seat. You're about to be schooled.
Add a little personality to that pack, Rrrrrrroar!
How to take the Test:
I have 3 categories. Each category corresponds to a specific pack. No peeking ahead of time!  After answering the questions add up your "True" responses for each category (A, B, or C).  The category that has the most "true" responses is your ideal personality matched pack.  Once you've tallied your responses, scroll down to read what pack best fits your personality! 

Disclaimer:  This test in no way gives you a meaningful way to pick a running pack.

I know who K-Dog is.
I have a French first or last name.  (If you don't know, answer "false")
I don't like to wear pink.
New Zealand accents are hot.
I can go without a bra comfortably.
My ideal date speaks at least 3 different languages.
I like boob bottles!
Whistles, emergency blankets, and poles are important.
I am a smallish man or medium to smallish sized woman.`
I know Salomon is not a fish.
White spandex is a totally acceptable shorts color.
I'm not on a budget.
I like lots of bells and whistles.
I know who Emelie Forsberg is.
I'm up to speed on current ultra running news and follow elite athletes.
I like really technical and really steep races in foreign countries.
I want to run UTMB
I like analyzing running gear.

I like the super hero look of the rocket pack.
I like hydrating with a bladder.
I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles.
I'm on a budget.
I'm not very style conscious. Practicality & comfort is most important.
What is an elite athlete?
I like things that are simple and straightforward.
Who needs poles?
I live in Washington State or Pennsylvania
I shop at REI
I don't need a lot of space in my pack.
I don't particularly care to have water bottles fit in my pack.
I am not in a hurry at aid stations.
Shock cords are awesome!
I'm not picky about my gear. I just want something that will carry my $hit. 
I like my pack to sit a bit lower on my back so I can scratch between my should blades.
Grey is awesome!

I'm a vegan
I run in the mountains shirtless
Ladies: my ideal date is tanned, toned and bearded
Men: my ideal date is a sunset on Green Mountain
I live in Boulder, CO or would like to move there.
I am in a hurry to get in and out of aid stations
I don't usually need to carry much
I don't like a lot of bells and whistles
I'm sort of on a budget, but I am willing to invest in my pack.
My pack must be lightweight
I'm going for a FKT
Shock cords are awesome!
I like boob bottles!
I mostly follow U.S. Ultra runners.
I know what "AK" stands for and it's not a gun.
I totally dig minimal footwear.
Reading "Born to Run" inspired me to run my first ultra.
I want to run Western States.
My ideal date shops at the local natural food Co-op.

 Alright, are you ready to learn what you'd be if you were a ultra running pack?!  

Pack A: Your personality translates to a Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Pack, 5L or 12L

5L size
12L size

Pack B: Your personality translates to a Nathan HPL 2L

Pack C: Your personality translates to a Ultimate Directions AK Vest or SJ Ultra Vest
AK Vest
SJ Ultra


  1. The test worked perfectly with the choice of packs.

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