Monday, June 17, 2013

Training Journal 5/27-6/2

Monday, May 27-Sunday, June 2, 2013: Solid week of running and biking, but nothing too crazy.  My body was feeling a bit tired by the weekend, and I took Saturday completely off so as to not risk over training again.  Plus, I'm getting ready to leave to Colorado/Lake Tahoe California for a month, so there's lots of work to do!  I managed to get two runs and one bike ride in on Tuesday, plus a 20 mile run on Thursday.  Next week, I'm leaving for Winthrop to help put on the Winthrop Marathon.  Lots of work to do!
Running at Baker Lake on Thursday
Monday: 10 miles at Ebey's Landing. (1:40/1240ft)
Tuesday: 2 runs for a total of 14 miles: 4 miles, 300ft/35 min in the AM. 2nd run 10 miles on Stewart Mountain 2,900ft/2hr. Bike: 19.5 miles (1270ft/1:20).
Wednesday: 4 miles very easy 55min/1,100ft.
Thursday: 20 miles on Baker Lake Trail, 2800ft/4hours. Legs felt really tired. 39 mile bike ride (3hr/1500ft)
Friday: 10 mile run at Stewart Mountain, 3000 ft/climbing
Saturday: day off. Feeling too tired to expect a run to be beneficial today.
Sunday: 12 miles 2,000ft/2.25hr

Running Miles: 70 miles
Elevation Gain, Running: 13,340 feet
Biking Miles/Elevation Gain: 58.5 miles/2829 ft
Other: slack lining (2hr)
Total Time Running: 13.7hr
Total Time Exercise: ~20 hr
View from Baker Lake Trail

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