Saturday, June 1, 2013

Training Journal 5/20-5/5/26

Monday, May 20-Sunday, May 26, 2013: This was a pretty big week. Although my mileage only reached 80 miles, I did most of it in 4 days. I had 2 days where I did double runs, one in the morning and one in the evening.  I also completed the longest bike ride I have ever done, 85 miles.  I paced James at Pigtails for 2 loops, one of which was in the middle of the night.  All in all it was a great week for exhausting myself--building, building, building and by the end of the week I can feel that I need a day off completely (that day ended up being Saturday 6/1).  Overall I am feeling a lot stronger and right on track!
Biking the 85 miles from Bellingham to South Whidbey Island
Monday: 19 miles on Sun Mountain, 3:30 & 3,100ft/climb.
Tuesday:  2 run day, 15 miles total.  10 miles on Sun Mountain, 1:45/1200ft, 5 miles Sehome urban loop 40min/656ft
Wednesday: 4.5 miles, 719ft/50min, lake Louise. 30 min bike on trainer.
Thursday: Lake Padden horse trails x2 and back home via Connelly Creek. 2,730ft/3hr/14.5 miles. 45 min bike ride on trainer.
Friday: Bike ride from Bellingham to the ferry on South Whidbey Island, 85 miles. (6:30/3,900ft). No run.
Saturday: 9.5 miles pacing James at Pigtails. 1:50/900ft
Sunday: 17.6 miles in 2 runs: 9.5 miles pacing James at Pigtails. 3:00/900ft. 2 pine and cedar repeats= 8 miles, 3200ft/1:50

Running Miles: 80 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 13,405ft
Biking Miles: 100 miles
Biking Gain: 3,900ft
Hours Running: ~16hr
Hours Biking: 7.75hr
Total Hours: 23.75hrs

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