Friday, June 14, 2013

165 Mile Tahoe Rim Trail FKT Attempt

Me en route to getting 2nd in the TRT100 miler last year
The Challenge
I am very excited to take on the challenge of running the entire Tahoe Rim Trail, all 165 miles of it, while attempting to set a women's Fastest Known Time!  I will begin my run around July 19 (final date still needs to be set).  If you feel inspired please consider donating to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, in tribute to my attempt.  More details below.  I have run about 80% of the TRT at various times in the past couple of years.  I feel that my experience on the trail itself, my wonderful crew, my stubbornness and love of the pain of ultra running plus my training and background in long distance running will help me reach my goal!

Please consider donating to my TRT Speed record attempt! All donations go to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association so they can continue the amazing trail building,
trail maintenance, and educational programs.  Over the next 10 years, the TRTA will be adding 65 new miles of trail, thanks to your donation!

DONATE TO THE  TRTA HERE---In the comments section, write:

in tribute to Candice Burt's TRT FKT attempt.

And thank you!!!!

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